Dana's Story

I was approached by the school counselor at Prince Street School two years ago about considering getting my son, Seth, a mentor from Big Brothers Big Sisters. I said that I would certainly put Seth's name in as I had thought about it over the past year or two. I told Seth that I was going to put his name in and we'd see what happened.

I received a phone call from Elizabeth (a caseworker at BBBS) to set up a meeting so that she could get to know Seth and myself. I went to the office and met with Elizabeth first, on my own. She asked the usual questions I would assume that was asked of every parent that went through the process. The questions ranged from what does Seth like to do to is there anything that he is afraid of. I did like the fact that I was asked if Seth would like a Big Brother, a Big Sister, or a Big Couple. I knew that Seth would want a Big Brother possibly a Big Couple and not a Big Sister. Not because he didn't like women but because I am a single mom. Even Seth's third grade teacher felt that having a Big Brother would be that best route for Seth.

I was so excited for Seth when I got the phone call to say that Jeremy was going to be his Big Brother. Seth was shy at first with Jeremy and didn't really say a whole lot, but that certainly has changed. Jeremy has told me that Seth has become more talkative over the two years that they have been paired up. I sometimes think that Jeremy's wife, Krista, and I could have a very long debate on who the bigger kid is: Seth or Jeremy. I somehow don't think either of us will ever find the answer to that question.

I certainly am glad that I put Seth's name in. Seth was a bit nervous at first when meeting Jeremy but that has certainly changed. Jeremy took Seth snowshoeing last winter and Seth enjoyed himself. That would have been something that I never thought that Seth would have ever liked, let alone would even try. Thankfully, Jeremy is interested in and likes Science because I am not very good at it at all.

If anyone ever asked me what I thought about Big Brothers Big Sisters, I would definitely say that it is worth putting your kid(s) in it. You will love the stories that your kid(s) come home with. I know I have a great time listening to what Seth and Jeremy have done and the laughs that I have at some of the stories Seth tells me.

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