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Dream Cottage - Ticket Security Procedures

  • When tickets arrive from the printer, they are audited toPEI_dreamcottage_logo_72dpi_oneweb ensure that they are all there and that books of three and five are complete
  • Tickets are stored in a fire-proof, locked cabinet
  • Tickets are logged out of the Ticket Log when they go to the Dream Cottage, Wilson Esso Stations, or Scotiabanks
  • At the Dream Cottage, sold tickets are placed into the cash box which is kept out of site for safety reasons
  • At end of the day, all tickets are checked against the Daily Ticket Sales Sheet to ensure they are all accounted forweb ext 6
  • Tickets and paperwork go into the bank deposit box at the end of the day
  • When tickets are returned to the office, we check the ticket numbers against the Daily Ticket Sales Sheet again to ensure they are all there
  • Tickets are signed back into the Ticket Log, showing that they are sold
  • Tickets are entered into our database and returned to the fire-proof, locked cabinet
  • Tickets returning from the Scotiabanks and Wilson Esso Stations go through the same audit process
  • All mail order and phone order sales are logged on Daily Ticket Sales Sheet at the office or at the Dream Cottage and go through the same ticket safety procedures
  • Before each Early Bird draw, all tickets sold since the last draw are audited and the tags are put into the Early Bird drumdc web 8
  • We do a final ticket audit of all tickets before the final draw
  • Tickets are taken to the Dream Cottage on draw day. Once we have done a final check to ensure that all tickets are accounted for, they are put into the ticket drum one at a time