Dream Cottage - FAQ

web ext 224th Dream Cottage Draw

Win the cottage of your dreams or $70,000
(Ticket must have a furniture tag for the $70,000 option)

To Get Tickets By Phone:

Call Toll-Free 1-877-411-DRAW (3729)
Call 1-902-368-7758

Dream Cottage Hours:

Mo – Fr: 10 am – 7 pm
Sat: 10 am – 6 pm
Sun: 12 pm – 6 pm

Q. Where can I get tickets?            

The brochures have been mailed and we are busy selling tickets by mail, phone (1-877-411-DRAW or 368-7758) and at the office at 2 St Peters Rd.   After we open the Dream Cottage on Friday, April 28th, tickets can be purchased at the Dream Cottage (located in the Charlottetown Canadian Tire parking lot), at any Scotiabank branch or Wilsons Fuels Esso Station (single tickets only) across the Island.

Q. When is the Dream Cottage open?dc eleven

M-F: 10 am – 7 pm

Sat : 10 am – 6 pm

Sun: 12 pm – 6 pm

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash, Cheque, Debit Card, Visa, & Mastercard

Q. When is the Dream Cottage Draw?

September 8th (unless we sell out early)

Q. Where does the cottage come from?

The Dream Cottage is a Prestige Home that was manufactured in Sussex. It was purchased through PEI Home and RV. It comes in 2 pieces and is assembled on site.
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Q. How big is the cottage?

It is 1120 square feet ( 28 ft by 40 ft)

Q. Is the cottage winterized?

Yes, the cottage is insulated (R20 in the walls and floors and R40 in the ceiling). There are thermostat-controlled electric baseboard heaters in each room.

Q. How much is the cottage worth?

Approximately $120,000

Q. Where does the furniture come from?

All furniture and appliances come from Brandsource Hambly’s Home Furnishing.

Q. What is included in the Furniture Tag?

A sofa with chaise,fireplace, accent chair, desk, coffee table, floor lamp, bench, table and four chairs, desk, 2 accent chairs, side table, queen bed with headboard, dresser with mirror, night stand, single bed with headboard, dresse, fridge, and stove.

Q. What is the Additional Appliances Tag?

The Additional Appliances tag is a package of appliances that includes a washer, dryer, and dishwasher or $3000.

Q. Where is the dishwasher? Washer & Dryer?dc web 3

We do not bring the dishwasher, washer, dryer or vacuum into the Dream Cottage in case the winner takes the $3000 in lieu of the Additional Appliances package, but the plumbing and electrics are ready for the appliances.

Q. How can I win the $70,000?

Tag your ticket with the furniture tag, and you will have the choice of the furnished cottage or the $70,000.

Q. Can you take the furniture and the $70,000 cash option?

No, with the furniture tag, you can take the furnished cottage or the $70,000.

Q. Will you move the cottage?

We will move the Dream Cottage anywhere on PEI. The winner will need something to put the cottage on (foundation, sauna tubes, etc) and a way for the truck to get down to the work site.  Please note: there is an additional cost if a crane is needed to move the Dream Cottage onto a foundation

Q. What happens if the winner takes the money?

We will sell the cottage. Within 8 days of the draw, we will run ads which include a minimum bid and deadline to make your bid. We open all of the bids at once (at Property Guys) and the person who has the highest bid will get the furnished cottage which will be moved and set up on their property as part of the sale.  Please note:  if you are making a bid, you must check for any covenants on your property that would prevent you from putting the Dream Cottage on your site.  If you would like to put your name on a list to be contacted if we are selling the cottage, please contact Heather at info@bbbspei.ca
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Q. If I win the cottage, can I sell it?

Yes, but it would be risky (which is why we offer a cash option). The cottage still has to be off the lot by October 31st. The winner will not be able to get insurance, which means we will have to retain insurance. In practical terms, that means that a staff member will have to open the cottage every time you want to show it.

Q. What happens if the winner doesn’t have a tagged ticket?

We will award the Dream Cottage to the winner, and pull a second ticket for the Furniture and Additional Appliances tags. We will continue to draw tickets until all of the prizes are awarded.

Q. Are there any other prizes?

Yes, there are 4 Early Bird prizes which include $7,500 (May), Draws for Dad including a $1867 gift card sponsored by Desjardins Financial Security  (June), Summer Fun Prizes including a Coleman Revolution Dual Fuel Propane  BBQ from Canadian Tire Charlottetown  (July) and a WestJet Gift of Flight Voucher (August).

Q. If I buy a book of 3 or a book of 5, can I put more than one name on the tickets?

Yes, you may put different names on each ticket. Please be advised that ticket buyers must be at least 19 years of age.

Q. I have already purchased my ticket, can I change the tag?

We cannot change a tag once a ticket has been sold.

Q. If I buy a book of 3 or a book of 5, do I have to put the tags on all of my tickets?

Yes, when you purchase a tag it goes on all 3 or all 5 tickets.


Q. Can I put the tickets in a business name?

We would caution against doing this as everyone who works at the business would be entitled to share the prize.  

Q. Do I have to put a proper name on my ticket?

Yes, because we need to be able to legally determine who has won the prize

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 Q. Can I put more than one name on a ticket?

Yes, as long as everyone is at least 19 years old. Something to keep in mind - We can only talk to the winners listed on the ticket, so a couple might want to put both names on their ticket.

Q. If I buy tickets, can I get a tax receipt?

No, we are not allowed to issue tax receipts for Dream Cottage tickets.

Q. If I live off-island but am visiting the Dream Cottage on vacation, can I still buy tickets?


Q. If I win an Early Bird Draw, am I still eligible for other prizes?

Yes, if you win an Early Bird prize, we will put your ticket back in for all of the remaining draws.

Q. Why don’t you sell tickets on-line?

Provincial law does not allow us to sell tickets on-line.

Q. How many tickets are there?dc web twelve


Q. Does the alarm system come with the cottage?

The hardware for the alarm will remain in the cottage, but the Winner will need to contact Provincial Alarm to have it reconnected.

Q. What is that thing in the laundry room?

It's an air exchange unit.

Q. What kind of flooring is in the cottage?

There is laminate, cushion flooring and carpet.

Q. Where would you put stairs for a basement?

In this cottage, you would need to build a "bump" out to accommodate stairs.


Q. Do the stairs come with the cottage


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